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rash buckets with clamps have a standard general purpose bucket design with dual top clamps for load retention. They are typically used in recycling applications such as wood waste, transfer stations, as well as storm clean-up. End plates are available in full, half-cutaway, full-cutaway and crescent moon styles. If you have any questions about which profile is best for your application, contact one of our Attachment Experts at 800-393.6688.

Trash Buckets with Paddles

    • Bucket width and edge hole pattern drilled to accept specific OEM standard wear parts.
    • Bucket profiles available in full, half-cutaway, full-cutaway and crescent moon styles for better penetration into piles.
    • Clamp opens vertically (does not interfere when loading near walls).
    • Independent clamps for retention of uneven loads, with dual cylinders.
    • High strength steel construction.
    • Available in Heavy Duty construction for rougher applications.
    • Grapple Buckets available in pin-on or various coupler hookups (CC, Volvo®, JRB®, etc.).
    • These buckets are especially useful in transfer stations, storm / construction clean-up and various recycling applications.
    • Available in 1 to 12 yard capacities.
    • Loader 3rd function hydraulics required.
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