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Our Excavator Straight Lip Rock Buckets are used in conditions that are more severe and where wear is a problem. This type of bucket is used when handling stock piles of larger rocks, stones, gravel or rocky type soil. These buckets are designed and manufactured with extra heavy plating to counter these more severe applications. Note that these buckets weigh more than standard, therefore the volume/capacity is decreased to offset the extra weight.


Our Excavator Spade Nose Rock Buckets are used in conditions similar to the Straight Lip Rock Bucket above, but the Spade Nose Lip is designed for high digging penetration. Digging in rock creates more resistance than a regular shot rock pile. This bucket comes standard with teeth and can be equipped with bolt-on side cutters. A lifting eye is also standard equipment on these buckets to assist the user with their lifting needs.

Rock Buckets

    • Available in straight lip and spade nose styles.
    • Handles your toughest applications.
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