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Orange Peel Grapples

    • Constructed of various high strength alloy steels.
    • Hinge points utilize over-sized, hardened steel pins & bushings.
    • Hydraulic cylinder, fittings & hoses are completely enclosed to prevent damage.
    • Weld-on replaceable AR tips are standard.
    • Raised ribs on leaf face to extend wear life.
    • 3 models available: 360° Power Rotation, Knock-a-Round, and Fixed (no rotation).
    • Available in 4 & 5 tine configurations.
    • Models OPG50, OPG75, OPG100 and OPG125 will go into a trailer or rail car for unloading.
    • Hydraulic cylinders and hoses are completely covered in all positions -- nothing is exposed!
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