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A specialized unit for bulk tree handling in log and mill yards. Paddle sweeps through carriage to handle single logs as well. These forks are non-adjustable and constructed of high strength materials*. All Pemberton mill yard forks have hardened pins and bushings at all hinge points. These forks are made specifically for handling tree- length logs to feed the mill. The mill yard fork is also a great tool for sorting as well. Our PWE model (last photo) is specially designed to handle lumber/wood without scarring, should that be important in your application.


* Please note that our Mill Yard forks are made with fabricated tines, not forged tines.

Mill Yard Forks

    • Clamp configuration and tine contour designed to maximize load into throat of fork to handle bulk logs/trees.
    • Entire fork made of high strength steel.
    • Fabricated tine construction with T-1 tines.
    • Excellent for cut log handling, loading and sorting. Able to Handle most severe logging and mill yard applications.
    • Available in carriage widths from 80 to 90 inches.
    • NEW: Non-scarring PWE model now available.
    • Mill Yard Forks available in pin-on and various coupler hook up configurations (CC, Volvo®, JRB®, etc.).
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