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Material Densifiers are available in 4 different sizes and commonly used on excavators from 40,000 – 140,000 lbs. These units are constructed from high tensile materials. As for the crushing segments an abrasive resistant material is utilized for wear life, these segments are weld in replaceable. Hardened steel pins, bushings and grease points are standard at all hinge areas, crucial for the durability of an attachment in rough applications. These units are utilized in many applications when concrete is abundant. Ideal for downsizing concrete, slabs and RCP pipe in preparation for crushers.


The MDG is also a great tool for the separation of rebar and also common on demolition sites. The densifier mount plate is interchangeable with mounting plates on most grapples as well as the SS model stick shear.


See it in Action!

MDG Material Densifiers

    • For processing concrete slabs, pilings, precast poles, RCP pipe, steel encased beams, silos, etc.
    • All MDG units are standard with hardened, heat-treated pins and bushings to maximize pivot point life.
    • Grease fittings at all hinge points.
    • MDG's Stick Shears, EGR Grapples and Wood Shears have interchangeability with the same mounting bracket.
    • Able to be mounted on multiple lines of excavators in same size range with simple spacer/bushing kit.
    • Optional rebar cutters in throat.
    • Abrasion resistant replaceable weld-in teeth.
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