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Loader Rakes with Paddle Clamp or Two Clamps are utilized in many applications. Recycling, site preparation and storm clean-up are probably the most common. These rakes are designed with long teeth ideal for loading, piling, and feeding grinders. These units can handle approximately 75% more material than the standard loader rake without a clamp. These rakes are constructed with high strength and high tensile materials where applicable.


In paddle configuration, the two clamps are tied together and operate in unison. Each clamp in the two clamp model operates separately, giving th opportunity for one clamp to close down tighter on the load than the other. This is often useful for carrying uneven loads.

Loader Rakes with 1 or 2 Clamps

    • Choose single paddle clamp or dual clamps for uneven loads.
    • Ideal for feeding grinders.
    • Handles about 75% more material than rake without clamps.
    • Available in pin-on or various coupler hookups (CC, Volvo®, JRB®, etc.).
    • Loader 3rd function hydraulics required.
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