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The Standard General Purpose Bucket (GPB) is the most common bucket and what is usually offered by OEM's with their machines. This bucket is used in such work as utilities, road building, residential/commercial construction, snow removal and general dirt digging where geography is not rocky. These buckets are also used for loading trucks with normal earth dirt. The bucket can be equipped with bolt-on edges or teeth.

Loading light material with a factory bucket amounts to paying your operators a full day’s pay for a half a day’s work. It simply does not make sense to cheat yourself out of total machine productivity by using a smaller bucket than necessary. Determine just how much more material you can handle every pass with a larger Pemberton bucket. Then calculate the savings. Even if you only increase capacity by a half a yard, the annual savings are tremendous, giving you an almost immediate return on your investment.

General Purpose Loader Buckets

    • General Purpose Bucket 
    • Light Material Bucket 
    • Wood Chip Bucket 
    • Coal Buckets
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