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Excavator Standard GPB is the most common of buckets used on an excavator and is typically what OEM's deliver with a machine. This bucket is used in such work as utility, road building,  residential/commercial construction sites and general dirt digging where geography is not rocky. These buckets are also used for loading trucks with normal earth dirt.


Our Heavy Duty Excavator GPB is used in applications where the digging becomes more difficult due to the earth having more of a rocky soil. This bucket is also used when handling more abrasive material, such as aggregate rock. This bucket comes standard with teeth and can also be equipped with bolt-on side cutters. A lifting eye is also standard equipment on these buckets to assist the user in lifting needs.



General Purpose Buckets

    • Usually offered by OEM.
    • Designed for use in utility work, road building, residential/commercial construction, and general dirt digging in non-rocky areas.
    • Ideal for loading transport trucks with normal earth dirt.
    • Can be equipped with bolt-on edges or teeth.
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