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The Narrow Tine General Material Handling Grapple is made for handling bulk loose material. This grapple was designed for stacking, piling, and loading. Its oversized width allows maximum productivity of the excavator and its operator. The flame cut narrow tines are designed for optimal pile penetration. Many custom widths and capacities available based on machine's size and weight of material being handled. The grapple is made of high tensile, high-alloy, and abrasion-resistant steel which allows lower weight of grapple with superior durability. Heavy duty hardened, chromed bushings and pins. Grease zerks at all pivot points. Utilizes spool spacer bushing system to be able to mount on multiple machines in same weight classification.

EGR High Volume Material (Narrow Tine) Grapples

    • Available in 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, and 7/8 tine configurations.
    • Suitable for 35,000 - 145,000 lb. excavators.
    • Available in custom widths and capacities.
    • Stationary bottom jaw with moving top jaw.
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