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CBG Out of Position Grapples

  • ar Body Grapples have two movable jaws with a positive bucket hook up on top. 360° continuous hydraulic rotation is optional. These grapples are ideal in applications where placement and stability are critical. Demolition and material handling are the most common, although we do tend to see them in the waste and recycling industries as well.

    The standard CBG's have boxed tine construction and are available in 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 tine configurations. The CBG style grapple is also available in a narrow tine configuration. All CBG style grapples have hardened steel pins and bushings as well as grease fittings at all hinge areas.

    Note: The CBG style grapple with rotation requires two functions to operate: (1) open/close & (2) rotation.

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