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Car Body forks are specifically designed for auto recyclers and scrap yards handling single or multiple cars. These forks are great for feeding the crusher or crushing hoods on cars as well. These heavy duty forks utilize a fixed tine design and are available in various frame widths and tine lengths. Frame extensions are also an option if additional back height is required.

In addition to our standard car body forks, we offer reinforced crushing forks (60" - 72" - 84" lengths), and long forks for handling cards end-to-end or side-to-side (13' - 14' - 15' lengths with flat or vertical tines). If, somehow, none of these forks meet your unique needs, we also offer custom engineering.

Car Body Forks for Loaders

    • Non-adjusting high tensile steel tines.
    • Heavy-duty, low profile carriage construction for maximum durability and visibility.
    • Tine lengths range from 60" to 96".
    • Carriage width varies.
    • Optional hydraulic clamps available for use when lifting stacked cars.
    • Car Body Forks available in pin-on or various coupler hookups (CC, Volvo®, JRB®, etc.).
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